And glad to have you here as our guest on the TCG Index. Here we are devoted to the collection, study, and enjoyment of collectable and tradable card games.

Below you here you will find an index, organized currently by card game, then set and set number, of many different collectable card games that the TCG Index team has personally collected. As we consider ourselves an archival institution, we only have on display what we have been able to gather ourselves, so most of the sets are incomplete (though we are striving to fix that as well). So, enjoy your time here, and we hope we've been useful. Thank you.

Another function we aim to serve is that as rule keeper for some of those card games that have sadly fallen out of fashion, yet still have a devoted player-base. Feel free to ask any rules-related questions by email us at tcgindex@gmail.com.

Bleach TCG


Dragon Ball TCG

Dragon Ball Z CCG

Harry Potter TCG

Magic the Gathering

Maple Story iTCG

Mega Man TCG

Monster Rancher

My Little Pony CCG

Naruto CCG

One Piece CCG


Sailor Moon

World of Warcraft

Yu Yu Hakusho


Here is a list of magazines that, in the past, covered the topics of collectable and tradeable card games very well. They are missed, and I only wish things were taken this seriously now.